Rigid Steel Building Systems : Self Storage Buildings

Rigid brings experience and expertise to the field of self storage.  Their design knowledge and purchasing power allow them to provide the lowest priced product in the least possible time.  Their design flexibility allows for mixing unit sizes as required to maximize profits for the storage facility complex.


Traditional peak roof designs and single slope designs are available from Rigid.  Roll up doors for each storage unit may be located on one or both sides of the building and on the endwalls for smaller units.  Each unit is fully portioned in steel for a secure, easily maintained storage space.  Exterior walls can be one of Rigid's durable steel wall panels available in a variety of attractive colors or masonry or stucco facades to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your storage complex.


Rigid's multi story self storage warehouses provide the maximum number of storage units within a limited property size.  Your Rigid building may be designed for stairs and elevators for easy tenant access to their storage unit.  An onsite manager apartment can be incorporated into the design or provided as a separate building from Rigid.


Rigid's climate controlled warehouses can be engineered and manufactured with up to an R40 insulation system.  A more energy efficient structure from Rigid can reduce your energy costs year after year.  Rigid's "cool roof" is available as part of your overall energy code compliant building system reducing air conditioning costs.

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