Rigid Steel Building Systems : Quickie Buildings

Rigid Building Systems offers economical solutions for your Quickie Buildings with delivery times of only 3-4 weeks.*


The entire structure of Rigid's quickie buildings are assembled using bolts and screws.  All sections are roll formed cees and zees.  Flush roof and walls allow for ease of installing a liner.  These structures conform with the 2003 International Building Code and are engineered to meet 12/20 loading with 110 mph "B" wind load.  No field cutting is required!

Quick buildingsSIZES AVAILABLE

Widths = 24', 27', 30', 33', 36', 39'
Heights = 12' & 14'
Bay spacing = 15'
Roof pitch = 2:12

Endwall/Framed Opening Options

  • 12’ x 10’ framed opening centered in endwall for 12 ft  eave heights.
  • 12’ x 12’ framed opening centered in endwall for 14 ft eave heights.
  • Both endwalls can either have framed openings or be fully sheeted.
  • Framed openings for overhead doors are available on endwalls only.

Standard Building

  • 26 gauge R panel sheeting with Spectralite 2000 paint system. 25 year warranty.
  • 26 gauge PBR panel roofing in Galvalume Plus. 20 year warranty.
  • Simple eave trim
  • Anchor bolt plans and erection drawings

Standard Accessories

  • Windows
  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Vented Ridge Closures
  • Walk Doors
  • Expansion Bolts

* Delivery times may vary if full freight is not used. Consolidated freight may increase lead times.

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