Rigid Steel Building Systems

Hunt Companies teamed up with Rigid Building Systems to bring you the best in steel buildings. As an authorized dealer, we will work with you from planning to turn-key delivery.


Steel systems construction offers value on any low-rise commercial building need. From retail space to a light industrial center to a busy community center, Rigid Building Systems provides aesthetically pleasing, cost-efficient space. With a steel building system you have the ability to customize as you want – choose the architectural exterior that you want and design the interior space to fit your individual needs.


Rigid has developed the most state-of-the-art manufacturing and material work flow in the industry. Their innovative use of technology and machinery provides the highest quality building systems available at competitive pricing that gives you, the customer, extra savings.

As a single source manufacturer product, your Rigid building is engineered and manufactured as a system with all components necessary to insure fast on-site erection.

Service is delivering a quality product on time, engineered and fabricated to exact standards using automated CNC controlled machinery and robotics throughout the manufacturing process. Rigid is providing a revolutionary estimating program to allow Rigid's clients to competitively price buildings with canopies, fascias, partitions, liners and so much more køb viagra in just a matter of minutes. Upon initiation of a contract, we provide computerized design and erection drawings.

Rigid is recognized as the leader in the metal building industry with their innovation and use of new technology to manufacture better products. When choosing a manufacturer for your building, choose wisely – choose Rigid.

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