Rigid Steel Building Systems : Commercial Buildings

When building a commercial project, choose the most cost effective solution on the market today - a pre-engineered building from Rigid Building Systems.  The available building lengths and widths are virtually limitless to accommodate any commercial need at an affordable price.

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Why waste time and money with traditional construction methods?  A steel building will save you both, because our building erects in a fraction of the time it takes to build a wood frame or block building.  Up to three stories can be handled using a steel building system.  Let us provide the framing and the roof system and your imagination can run wild with the exterior facings.


Flexibility is key when constructing space for office/warehouse use.  Use a variety of exterior materials from standard through fastener sheeting or insulated panels systems provided by Rigid to tilt up wall panels.  A wide range of interior columns can be laid out to maximize the economy of your project.


Rigid Building Systems understands the flexibility needed when constructing retail store space.  That's why we offer steel frame buildings that are fully customizable to handle all your retail needs.

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